Books that You Can’t Live Without

Books are important materials in the lives of any individual person. Although the internet provides us with information, not all people have the access to a website. In fact, a large number of households in some countries don’t have an internet connection. If that’s the case, it would be difficult to gain information if you rely on the internet. However, this is not a problem with books.

Different books are published every year. Most of these are educational while some were written for entertainment purposes. As a child, we grew up with books that were intended to help us understand moral values. Children’s books are good reading tools designed to help kids understand moral values in the simplest way. It’s one of the reasons why such types of books are often introduced to kids at a young age.

As a reader, we love reading books that fit our preferences. Some of us prefer romantic novels while others are fond of mystery-riddled books. No matter which genre you follow in reading books, the important thing is you get the benefits you want to receive. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what you read as long as you have a passion for what you do. And there are some books that you can’t live without in your life. Here are some of the books any person would have a hard time in life if they don’t have them.


A person often falls back to earth no matter how successful he has been with his career. More often than not, we seek God every time we are having some problem with our life. Usually, we turn to the word of God to seek comfort and counseling, especially in our worst times. Despite the fact that some people aren’t really religious, they usually come closer to God when they face trials.

The Bible is one of the books that Christians can’t live without in their lives. More often, they live a wonderful life even without romantic novels. In fact, people become successful in life even without any of the books written for entertainment purposes. Although they are great for managing stress, there are always different ways to relieve pressure either physically, mentally, or emotionally. Christians rely on the Bible to get daily guidance. Most of them read the Bible each day to get something good from the word of God. Religious families have their Bible reading on a specific time of the day. Individuals who are experiencing difficulties in their lives often rely on the Bible for strength.

To most individuals, it’s hard to live a life without God, especially for the believers. We’ve seen many people rise and fall. Most of them seek God during the darkest times of their life. One of the main reasons why they do so is because the Bible often provides the answer to their problems.

Pastors, priests, or ministers read the Bible to their church members every time they attend church services. The Bible guides Christian believers as they walk in this world. According to the gospel of Christ, people must read the word of God every day and use them to live as Christians. In doing so, you will be able to overcome trials and temptations that come along your life.

Educational Books

Aside from the Bible, there are other books that we can’t live without. Among these are books about Math, Science, English Language, History, and other educational books. Although we can live successfully even if we don’t read romantic novels or any entertaining books, it’s difficult to live without a math book. Basically, we will have a hard time counting numbers if we don’t know anything about math. In most cases, schools use books as their source of information on almost everything they teach to their students. As a result, we rely on math books to teach us how to count and other things about numbers.

In the past, books were the only source of information when it comes to education. Today, we can gather information from the various blog sites on the internet. However, not all of us get to enjoy the power of the internet. In fact, a huge number of students do not have an internet access at home. Although they can go to internet cafe, it can be expensive to regularly drop by a public internet shop. It would be a lot easier if you buy the necessary books that you need. As a student, it would be smart if you go to the library instead. Although the internet offers a quick, hassle-free process in gathering data, books provide complete facts, especially if you are diligent enough in looking for what you need.

Best-Selling Books

If your passion is reading books, perhaps you can’t live without reading the best-selling books. Harry Potter series by JK Rowling is one of the best-sellers of all time. Add JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings to the most read series among books. As a passionate reader, it’s difficult to live a life without reading all of the best books available. You can find hundreds of good books and dozens of great ones for reading purposes.

Although they aren’t as important as educational books or the Bible, best-selling books are a must-have for many people. If you can’t live without the most important thing in your life, the same thing goes with passionate readers. They spend most of their money and time on books that are interesting and entertaining. In fact, they consider books as their treasure in life.

Most of us consider books as important only when we need to do a research. Afterwards, we oftentimes forget about them. In most cases, we store them on bookshelves without being read on a regular basis. Passionate readers on the other hand, spend most of their time scanning and reading books. They value the importance of book not only to their education, learning, and entertainment but also as an important property. Normally, we don’t consider books as assets like how we treat jewelries. However, books are essential to learning which makes them far better than the treasures we keep as some people see it.

Readers value books not because of their price, but because of what they give in return. More importantly, we enjoy life because we love what we do. As a reader, it is our pride and joy to be entertained, laugh, smile, and cry over what we read. Books deserve the attention even in these high tech times. Despite all the innovations, books remain to be the ever-consistent source of information. This simply gives us a reason to keep them. And because of this, we often consider some books as difficult to live without.

Books are actually one of the things we can’t live without. Restricted people like those in prisons sometimes make it through the hardships they need to endure because of the books they read. Although some people may not notice their importance, paying more attention to details will tell you that we need books in our lives. Aside from the important books mentioned, every individual has his own books that he can’t live without. Definitely, you have one that you cherish most.

Interesting Facts About Books

Books are free entertainment that often provides the same satisfaction we get from watching films. Aside from costing us nothing or inexpensive, books usually brings more benefits to the readers. As an enthusiast, perhaps you don’t know the benefits you can get from reading books. In fact, being entertained is the only benefit you know you can get when you read.

As a book lover, there are many different facts you need to know about them. Most of these facts are quite basic yet important to many people. If you love reading, you should know these facts about books. After all, it’s always better to know what you are doing from the bottom of your heart. Here are some facts about books most readers do not probably know.

  • We can find blank pages on the first few and last pages of a book. Intentionally blank pages are often the result of printing techniques. Most books have at least a few blank pages. Usually, they are found at the very end of a book. Some people use these pages for writing important things about the book. Others leave the blank pages as they are.
  • Do you know who invented the word “boredom”? The brilliant author William Shakespeare came up with this word along with several other words that we often use nowadays. Most of us know who William Shakespeare is. However, almost all of us do not know that he invented words like boredom.
  • Children’s books make up a good number of the books published all around the world. In fact, most countries spend at least billions just to publish these books. In the UK, L2.2 billion is spent on books each year. A fifth of this amount goes to children’s books.
  • Lewis Carroll, author of the famous Alice in Wonderland has added 21 words to the English language, according to Oxford English Dictionary. Just like Shakespeare, Carroll also contributed to the English language by adding more to our vocabulary.
  • In 1931, the Chinese government banned Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland for an absurd reason. The banning of the book was based on the fact that talking animals were an insult to humans. Other than China though, Alice in Wonderland was openly received by many countries around the world. Today, Carroll’s book is still a favorite among many children and adults as well. In fact, various movies were made from the book since the late 90s up to the present.
  • The famous author of children’s books, Dr Seuss never had children. Although married twice in his life, Theodor Seuss Geisel never had kids with his two wives. When asked why, Dr Seuss often replied with “you have ’em, I’ll entertain ’em”.
  • In America, the annual Theodor Seuss Geisel Award is being celebrated by children and adults alike. Dr Seuss has paved the way for children to enjoy reading books at a younger age. He spent a good amount of his life in making sure our kids will learn a lot of different things from books. In return, America recognizes his efforts by making sure he ends up in being remembered by children and parents.
  • The Bible is one of the most common books sold on bookstores all over the world. At least two and half billions of Bibles were published. They will make the longest shelf in the world if put on a long bookshelf. In some countries, families have at least one or two Bibles in their house. Bibles are given out for free by many religious groups. In fact, thousands of Bibles are handed out for free in many different countries.
  • Sherlock Holmes was written by an ophthalmologist because of financial needs at that time. An eye specialist during that time was not a good profession in terms of financial earnings. As a result, A. Conan Doyle wrote the book to make ends meet. Surprisingly, his novel became a hit. In fact, Sherlock Holmes is one of the most popular mystery novels ever written in the history of man. Today, there has been lots of movies about the book both for children and adults alike.
  • Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle or more popular as A. Conan Doyle began writing fictional stories while in college. “The Haunted Grange of Goresthorpe” was one of his first writings. Although unsuccessful, he continued his writing even after he acquired his degree in medicine.
  • The average number of books bought by Americans on a daily basis is five million. Half of those books are never read or finished by the readers. Libraries in America house millions of books. Some of the books are also never read.
  • Books are no longer the first choice of kids nowadays. Children only read books at school or at home when they are told to by their parents. However, some kids still love reading books. As good as they are before, books still provide lots of benefits to the readers.
  • Books are great memory enhancers and mental stimulators. You can actually improve your analytical thinking skills by reading books on a regular basis. If you want to widen your vocabulary, you can start by reading books either fictional or non-fictional. Aside from enhanced memory and vocabulary, your writing skills will be vastly improved when you spend time on reading books.
  • Kids can start reading books at an early age. Experts recommend early reading to give your kids a head start. If you want your kids to have self-esteem, encourage them to read books instead of playing computer games. Reading isn’t only good for the brain, it’s also good for building confidence.
  • Women find men who read books sexy. If you think that women are only attracted to active men, a good number of women are attracted to men who read books. In case you’re having a hard time making the opposite sex to notice you, perhaps you need to visit the library more often. According to studies, women think of men who read books as sexy and intelligent at the same time.
  • Women spend more time reading books than men do. In fact, men only read books when they are bored or don’t have anything to do with their time. Women on the other hand prefer reading books even if they have something else to do.
  • Romance is one of the most popular genre among the books published. People love reading books about love more than anything else. Do you know what else people love reading about? It’s about violence. Books about war, crime, and revenge also draw the attention of the readers. Writers often focus on love and hate because they get the attention and interest of the readers much easier.
  • Anyone can write books as long as you have a good story, correct grammar, and a pen name. However, only a few writers get to see their works accepted by the public. Most of the writers don’t get the patronage they deserve from the readers. Millions of books published on a yearly basis don’t get back a good profit. In fact, numerous books don’t sell because of various reasons. One of the reasons is because most people buy what’s hot and trending nowadays. This is a fact you should know about books too!