Why Do We Have to Lie?

Isn’t it only natural that we should be straightforward in our approach to life and employ a light hearted approach to most things in order to save our breath and live a longer life in a more carefree manner? Who says so?

How It Works

Lying through our teeth isn’t going to be of much help when we are later on caught red-handed. Sooner or later we are going to meet our fate face on and no pack of lies can help us overcome the strain that follows some previous inexcusable behavior.

Why We Lie

It seems lying is an indispensable element of getting on in life somehow. We typically lie to avoid having to be held accountable for our sins of misconduct and departure from the set norms. Obviously people are not robots but are subject to a variety of impulses and prefer many a time to take a shortcut in life to get over with unpleasant tasks that are demanded of them. Even the most prolific of all people would have a hard time delivering everything on time, although in business finding any excuses and failure to deliver would be a syndrome of instant bed death.

  • We lie to make other people happy
  • We contort the truth to put ourselves in more positive light
  • We tweak around the truth here and there to outdo our opponents
  • We prevent other people from taking action against us
  • We dismiss bare facts in an attempt to disguise our inadequacy
  • We lie unabashedly for fun and to make another yield to our claims

The Consequences

All in all, most people get away with most lies, especially those white ones. However, compromising one’s integrity has some long lasting consequences. While we occasionally may have to bend some rules as the ruthless reality calls upon to do so, sometimes there is no turning back and we have to yield to the consequences born out of this. Facing our lie is a great way to develop the strength of character, because it shows how much respect we have left for ourselves and other people.

When we lie and are caught we are seen as weak and sinful. Even though most lie, the greatest sin is to get caught and be subject to ridicule and mistreatment that stems from the critic’s inability to get our lies out of their head. Is that called for? When we lie by cheating or being a negative force behind the close people’s back then it is hard to reject ridicule in order to get even with the perpetrator. This is however a weakness, a strong character would not attempt to get even by any chance, would turn the other cheek, unless the lies and misconduct target our well-being and health. Are lies ever excused? Should they be? These are the questions we may want to wonder about sometimes.

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