Solar Panels: An Alternative Source Of Energy

Because of the increasing demand of energy in our society, it is essential to have an alternative source. Fossil fuels are not going to last forever and have caused severe environmental damages over the decades. After years of development and research, a few scientists have made another method of harvesting energy.

A much more efficient way that utilizes solar energy. This is a great idea because solar energy is technically unlimited and everybody has access to it. A number of on-going studies still tries to build a more efficient solar panel.

What are Solar Panels?

Solar panels have been present for a very long time but have been recently delivered to the access of the public. Solar panel technology is gradually becoming more efficient and smaller. You can see solar panels in some if not most of your everyday devices. The calculator is just one, also a number of portable solar phone chargers are out in the market. They are cheap and practical.

Solar panels utilize materials called photovoltaics that have the ability to absorb and release charge. When exposed to light energy, the atoms in photovoltaic cells are easily ìexcitedî. This is where the energy comes from. This has been efficiently used to convert light energy to usable energy in electric devices.

Solar Panels Pros:

It is a good thing to consider using solar panels regarding the increasing cost of energy and fossil fuels. This provides an alternative source for everyday consumption of energy. It is an essential part of keeping your electric bill down. Solar panels that are designed for domestic homes are being a common trend.

Solar panels are mostly cheap, depending on the type. It utilizes solar energy that is accessible to every household and to every community. The fuel for solar panels are not sold and most of all, you can leave your panels lying under the sun. Compared to generators that consume expensive fossil fuel and produce tons of environmental hazards.

As technology advances, also does these types of technology. They now come in a number of sizes depending on the establishment you want to power. There are also advanced storage systems designed for solar panels able to hold a dayís worth of solar energy. Even in a cloudy day, medium sized solar panels can still produce enough energy to light an average sized house throughout the night.

Solar Panels Cons:

Though solar panels are a good alternative for a new source of electricity, there are still disadvantages and hassles when using this type of technology. They are fragile, the covering layers need to be in their best state, free from scratches and shiny. It is also made from glass making it susceptible to strong solid impacts.

Solar panels can only be used as an alternative and not as a substitute. Solar panels cannot be used at night. The energy produced by solar panels are enough only to light bulbs and no more. The energy produced is not capable of running strong powerful systems like gaming pc’s or even running the television for the whole day.

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