Recipes for Fruit Shakes for Weight Loss

It is not a simple task to lose weight. Some are naturally skinny while others canít get enough of eating. Losing weight is more than lessening your daily food intake. It requires a lot of effort, exercise and proper diet. Keeping a healthy body and regularly detoxing is a key role that plays significantly in losing weight.

It is an essential part in losing to weight to eat a lot of fruits and natural herbs. The natural enzymes of produce helps fasten the oxidation and metabolic processes of the fat cells. Though it is not as easy as it sounds. Eating a lot of fruits is like drinking a lot of water, you know you can do it but most of the time it becomes unpleasing. There is a way to make this enjoyable though, through the process of making shaking or juicing.

Most effective Fruits

All the fruits have high quantities of the essential enzymes. There are also those that are more efficient than some. When given the freedom and time, always choose fruits that are less sweet like papayas and avocados.

Donít ever consider unnatural fruits. These are the fruits that are either abnormally large or too sweet. Fruits that took a large amount of artificial fertilizers to grow. Consider getting your fruits from local fruit stands instead of large supermarkets.

How to Prepare

In preparing your fruit shake, you want it to be as efficient as possible. Keeping all the natural enzymes and trying to keep it as healthy as possible. Always keep in mind that your fruits are sweet enough for your taste buds. Sometimes blending improves the sweet taste of fruits. In short, donít immediately consider adding sugar.

Though sometimes some fruits are not going to be very appealing, and you are going to want to improve its taste. Always try to avoid white sugar and consider using brown sugar. White sugar affects the enzymes found in fruits. Also remember to keep in moderation, donít add too much sugar because we want to lose as much weight as we can.

Waiting for the right time when a fruit can be eaten. There are varying stages that a fruit is going to be healthier to eat. It is even advisable to eat fruits when they are in the early stages of rotting. This means that as soon as the fruit has that slight fermenting wine smell or the slightest discoloration on the skin, this is the best time to eat it. At this stage, the essential vitamins are already at their best making them more healthy and efficient.


There are a lot of recipes that you can find but also do consider your own liking. Donít be afraid to experiment with flavors. They are all fruits, they are all going to be good for your health no matter how you mix them. The best fruits that are usually used are mangoes and bananas accompanied by a number of less sweet fruits. The bananas and mangoes provide the essential sweetness in a non-fatty and excessive manner.

It would also be less of a dilemma to look up some famous recipes. Banana and Peach smoothies are the best during morning routines or when going for an early gym. One mango should go with one peach, this is then paired with unflavoured yogurt for a boost of vitamins.

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