Gay Marriage– What Are The Factors to Consider?

After a series of long debates, it has come to a more stable table on whether gay marriage be legalized. There are a number of issues why this is not to be considered by a number of different organizations. Churches do not approve of this because it is simply immoral and does not abide by the biblical code. Other groups do not support gay marriage because if the immorality and influences that they bring to the society. Being a gay or homosexual individual is a subject of both understanding and morality.

There are also a lot of boundaries in the law that inhibits the legalizing of this act. It is stated in the constitution that a marriage is the bond between a man and a woman. Also the right of marriage is designed to fit the needs of a male and a female. There are a number of factors to consider before this should be legalized.

Having Children

This is the strongest turning point of gay marriage. It is essential for a married couple to be able to have a son or a daughter. This is needed to create a better bonding and to have quality time activities with one another. Gay couples are unable to conceive children and legal adoption is not of a choice either.

Before adoption can be legally conducted, the background of each individual is checked for any records that may impose a threat to the safety and development of a child. Being a gay couple is almost equivalent to having drunkard parents. It is currently accepted by the society that gay couples are a threat to children. They can affect or tolerate a childís gender. This is not also recommended because gay couples are less likely to explain simple questions of a curious child. This serves as an unhealthy environment for developing children.

Joint Ownership

Being married grants individuals to share each otherís property. This is highly different from heterosexual marriage because a male and a female will both have different properties and needs. Homosexual marriage is going to be a much different story because male to male relationship has different needs compared to heterosexual ones. Though it can be adjusted, it is going to be a long and complicated way before joint ownership laws can be seen as a possible way for married gay couples.

Ceremonial Marriage

This is the largest wall that blocks the legality of gay marriage. Churches are the largest organization that have control of the world. Christianity is one of the largest religion groups in the world. This serves as a problem for ceremonial marriage because churches are against the practice.

It is going to be a problem for gay couples to perform a possible ceremonial wedding that can be recognized. Performing a ceremonial marriage is more than having a party or the likes. Churches basically are the one who can accommodate and perform the best ceremonies that can be recognized by the society. Even if gay marriage is legalized, churches will never change their stand. Gays are considered as sinners no matter what Christian church they abide on.

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