Face the Power of Now

Say how many thoughts you have spared the past and even more for the future? What of the now? Most people are busy playing movies from the past and projecting the future, disregarding the now as if all those greatest moments lied in the past or in the future, but the now did not matter one bit. Sometimes we get to experience the power of now when we are immersed in the moment when love-making, reading an enthralling novel or enjoying the taste of food you made yourself. Or your sense of amazement and wonder, like that of a little kid, would leave dumb founded at the sight of some inspiring painting by a master.

How does it happen that we forget how to enjoy the moment and to make most of it? Is it the experience, the mind or something else that is preventing us from living where we should be living, that is in the now? The now has this great power of freeing your mind from worries about the future and regrets about the past, the now happens with every breath you inhale and exhale, now happens momentarily, and at that particular moment you could really feel joy despite any problems experienced. Someone might ask how to be in the moment where all lights go out and only hope remains fragile and elusive, then even more feel the power of now but seek support from the others in case that power of being in the moment would bring you close to the brink of despair or madness. As long as there is hope there is life, and vice versa, and you should not be scared of difficult moments, although a feeble and weaker mind would find it hard to fight off the doubts and disperse the lousy feelings, if any, so a helping hand would be a much needed treasure.

Harness The Power of The Moment

To benefit the most you need to practise daily without wishing a particular outcome out of it. Think of it as practice for its own sake, although that would be the aim in itself as well, so perhaps, use a cliche metaphor of a road to better keep things in perspective. Many a time you are going to lose it and go back to your previous ways of living in the past and fantasizing about the future, and that is fine, as no one is free from making mistakes, nor they should expect themselves to be perfect no matter what. What are those benefits you might be asking silently trying to keep your distance and somewhat distrustful? Perhaps a more fruitful life, whatever the way you define it and less preocuppation with scenarios of the bleak future that would haunt your dreams and so much more, depending on your personal needs. It is also stretching yourself to accept whatever is happening to you, become more resilient in the process and so much more. You just wait to see it happen but avoid making it the aim.

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