Can I Open a Bank Account Online?

Of course you can. The majority of banks offers this option online so it is enough for you decide which bank to choose and to apply with and the job is almost done. It should probably take you no more than 15 minutes to have a bank account open online. You may want however get more details on your account’s maintenance fees which could run into hundreds of dollars annually if you are not being careful with your choice.

How to Open a Checking Account?

Select a few institutions that offer bank accounts and narrow down your search to one or two with the lowest monthly fee. On average, the fee should not exceed 25 dollars but depends on the particular bank. If you are lucky you could come across a reduced account fee which banks sometimes offer to lure new customers. If that is the case make sure you have read the terms and conditions that apply after the discount period expires.

The Requirements

You are required to include your personal details for identification purposes. Keep in mind to tick off their student status if applicable.

Student Status

If you are a student enrolled with a college or university, you will need to provide that data in your application to have the maintenance fee waived. Be advised to refer to details specified in the terms and check whether your current status allows you to qualify for the waiver of the fee. Normally you have to be both enrolled and of a certain age, typically up to 23 years of age. Note that once you cross the age mark some time after opening the account your fee will increase automatically.

Cutting Edge Solutions

With the development of software, banks have joined the line to offer their mobile and text solutions to cater to the needs of busy businesspeople and individual customers. Now you can easily access and manage your new bank account via mobile, texts and online, in short self access and electronic means to self manage everything. Ebanking combined with paperless statements means you are guaranteed a lower montly fee and convenient access wherever you are.

Want to Save?

If you are looking to save, personal savings accounts are the way to go. The maintenance fee may be low or waived if you are a minor. Also to avoid being charged extra for each withdrawal you are normally required to maintain a minimum of balance as set by each bank differently. Again if you are already saving and are not of legal age, the fees may not apply as long as you keep the said balance intact and withdraw, then you will not be charged anything extra. Check however with your selected bank.

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